WordProcessingPageSetup Class
Represents printing page properties for a section of a Word document.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace: GroupDocs.Watermark.Contents.WordProcessing
Assembly: GroupDocs.Watermark (in GroupDocs.Watermark.dll) Version: 21.3.0
public class WordProcessingPageSetup

The WordProcessingPageSetup type exposes the following members.

Public propertyBottomMargin
Gets the size of the bottom margin in points.
Public propertyDifferentFirstPageHeaderFooter
Gets or sets a value indicating whether a different header/footer is used for the first page.
Public propertyHeight
Gets the height of a printing page in points.
Public propertyLeftMargin
Gets the size of the left margin in points.
Public propertyOddAndEvenPagesHeaderFooter
Gets or sets a value indicating whether different headers/footers are used for odd-numbered and even-numbered pages. Note, changing this property affects all sections in the content.
Public propertyRightMargin
Gets the size of the right margin in points.
Public propertyTopMargin
Gets the size of the top margin in points.
Public propertyWidth
Gets the width of a printing page in points.
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