BaseViewOptions Properties

The BaseViewOptions type exposes the following members.

Public propertyArchiveOptions
The archive files view options.
Public propertyCadOptions
The CAD drawing view options.
Public propertyDefaultFontName
Default font to be used when particular font used in document can't be found.
Public propertyEmailOptions
The email messages view options.
Public propertyMailStorageOptions
Mail storage data files view options.
Public propertyOutlookOptions
The MS Outlook data files view options.
Public propertyPdfOptions
The PDF documents view options.
Public propertyPresentationOptions
The presentation processing documents view options.
Public propertyProjectManagementOptions
The project management files view options.
Public propertyRenderComments
Enables rendering comments.
Public propertyRenderHiddenPages
Enables rendering of hidden pages.
Public propertyRenderNotes
Enables rendering notes.
Public propertySpreadsheetOptions
The spreadsheet files view options.
Public propertyTextOptions
Text files splitting to pages options.
Public propertyVisioRenderingOptions
The Visio files processing documents view options.
Public propertyWordProcessingOptions
The word processing documents view options.
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