GroupDocs.Viewer.Options Namespace
The namespace provides classes to specify additional options when rendering documents.
Public classArchiveOptions
Provides options for rendering archive files.
Public classBaseViewOptions
Provides base rendering options.
Public classCadOptions
Provides options for rendering CAD drawings.
Public classEmailOptions
Provides options for rendering email messages.
Public classField
Represents email message field e.g. From, To, Subject etc.
Public classFileName
The filename.
Public classHtmlViewOptions
Provides options for rendering documents into HTML format.
Public classJpgViewOptions
Provides options for rendering documents into JPG format.
Public classLoadOptions
Provides options that used to open the file.
Public classMailStorageOptions
Provides options for rendering Mail storage (Lotus Notes, MBox) data files.
Public classOutlookOptions
Provides options for rendering Outlook data files.
Public classPdfOptions
Provides options for rendering PDF documents.
Public classPdfViewOptions
Provides options for rendering documents into PDF format.
Public classPngViewOptions
Provides options for rendering documents into PNG format.
Public classPresentationOptions
Provides options for rendering presentations options.
Public classProjectManagementOptions
Provides options for rendering project management files.
Public classResolution
Provides option to set resolution for images in output document.
Public classSecurity
Provides PDF document security options.
Public classSize
Watermark size.
Public classSpreadsheetOptions
Provides options for rendering spreadsheets.
Public classTextOptions
Text files splitting to pages options.
Public classTile
Represents drawing region.
Public classViewInfoOptions
Provides options used for retrieving information about view.
Public classViewOptions
Provides rendering options.
Public classVisioRenderingOptions
The Visio files processing documents view options.
Public classWatermark
Represents text watermark.
Public classWebDocumentOptions
This rendering options enables you to customize the appearance of the output HTML/PDF/PNG/JPEG when rendering Web documents.
Public classWordProcessingOptions
This rendering options enables you to customize the appearance of the output HTML/PDF/PNG/JPEG when rendering Word documents.
Public interfaceIMaxSizeOptions
Limits of image size options interface.
Public enumerationImageQuality
The quality of images in the output HTML contained by the PDF documents.
Public enumerationPageSize
The size of the page.
Public enumerationPermissions
Defines PDF document permissions.
Public enumerationPosition
Defines watermark position.
Public enumerationRotation
Defines page rotation in degrees.
Public enumerationTextOverflowMode
Defines text overflow mode for rendering spreadsheet documents into HTML.
Public enumerationTimeUnit
Time unit of the project duration.