GroupDocs.Viewer Namespace
The namespace provides classes for rendering documents in HTML5, Image or PDF modes fast and with high quality.

The main classes in this namespace are:
  • Viewer is the entry point for rendering process.
  • ViewerSettings provides an easy way to customize caching, loging behaviour etc.
  • FileType represents all supported file types.
Public classFileType
Represents file type. Provides methods to obtain list of all file types supported by GroupDocs.Viewer.
Public classLicense
Provides methods to license the component. Learn more about licensing here.
Public classMetered
Provides methods for applying Metered license.
Public classViewer
Represents main class that controls document rendering process.
Public classViewerSettings
Defines settings for customizing Viewer behaviour.
The central class of this namespace is Viewer. This class incorporates a set of settings to control document rendering process.