QrCodeSearchOptions Properties

The QrCodeSearchOptions type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAllPages
Flag to search on each Document page. By default this value is set to true.
(Inherited from SearchOptions.)
Public propertyDataEncryption
Gets or sets implementation of IDataEncryption interface to encode and decode QR-Code Signature Text or Data properties.
Public propertyEncodeType
Specifies Encode Type property to search QR-Codes. If this value is not set, search is processed for all supported QR-Code Types.
Public propertyMatchType
Gets or sets QR-Code Text Match Type search. It is used only when Text property is set.
Public propertyPageNumber
Gets or sets Document page number for searching. Value is optional.
(Inherited from SearchOptions.)
Public propertyPagesSetup
Options to specify pages for Signature searching.
(Inherited from SearchOptions.)
Public propertyReturnContent
Gets or sets flag to grab QR-Code image content of signature on document page. If this flag is set true, QR-Code signature image content will keep raw image data by required format ReturnContentType. By default this option is disabled.
Public propertyReturnContentType
Specifies file type of returned image content of the QR-Code signature when ReturnContent property is enabled. By default it set to Null. That means to return QR-Code image content in original format. This image format is specified at Format Possible supported values are: FileType.JPEG, FileType.PNG, FileType.BMP. If provided format is not supported than QR-Code image content in original .png will be returned.
Public propertySkipExternal
Flag to return only signatures marked as IsSignature. By default value is false that indicates to return all signatures that match specified criteria.
(Inherited from SearchOptions.)
Public propertyText
Specifies QR-Code Signature Text if it should be searched and matched.
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