GroupDocs.Signature.Options.Appearances Namespace
The namespace provides classes for additional signature appearances.
Public classDigitalSignatureAppearance
Describes appearance of Signature Line for Digital Signature. One Signature Line could be applied for only one Digital Signature. Signature Line always is on the first page. This feature may be useful for .docx, .doc, .odt and .xlsx file formats.
Public classImageAppearance
Describes extended appearance features for Image Signature.
Public classPdfDigitalSignatureAppearance
Describes appearance of Digital Signature are on PDF documents.
Public classPdfTextAnnotationAppearance
Describes appearance of PDF text annotation object (Title, Subject, Content).
Public classPdfTextStickerAppearance
Describes appearance of PDF text annotation sticker object and pop-up window of sticker.
Public classSignatureAppearance
Represents the signature appearance - additional options for alternative implementations of sign on document page.