GroupDocs.Signature.Options Namespace
The namespace provides classes to specify additional options when loading, signing, verifying, searching and saving documents.
Public classBarcodeSearchOptions
Represents search options for Barcode signatures.
Public classBarcodeSignOptions
Represents the Barcode signature options.
Public classBarcodeVerifyOptions
Represents the Barcode verify options.
Public classBmpSaveOptions
Bmp Save options for image documents.
Public classDigitalSearchOptions
Represents search options for Digital signatures.
Public classDigitalSignOptions
Represents the Digital signature options.
Public classDigitalVerifyOptions
Keeps options to verify document Digital signature.
Public classExportImageSaveOptions
Save options for exporting documents to image.
Public classFormFieldSearchOptions
Represents search options for Form-field signatures.
Public classFormFieldSignOptions
Represents class of the FormField signature options for Pdf documents.
Public classGifSaveOptions
Gif format save options for image documents.
Public classImageSaveOptions
Save options for image documents.
Public classImageSearchOptions
Represents search options for Image signatures.
Public classImageSignOptions
Represents the Image signature options.
Public classJpegSaveOptions
Jpeg Save options for image documents.
Public classLoadOptions
Allows to specify additional options (such as password) when opening a document to sign.
Public classMetadataSearchOptions
Represents search options for Metadata signatures.
Public classMetadataSignOptions
Represents Metadata signature options.
Public classPagesSetup
Describes special document pages to work with.
Public classPdfSaveOptions
Save options for PDF documents.
Public classPdfTextAnnotationVerifyExtensions
Describes extensions of verification of PDF text annotation object
Public classPdfTextStickerVerifyExtensions
Describes extensions of verification of PDF sticker object.
Public classPngSaveOptions
Png Save options for image documents.
Public classPresentationSaveOptions
Save options for Presentation documents.
Public classPreviewOptions
Represents document preview options.
Public classQrCodeSearchOptions
Represents search options for QR-Code signatures.
Public classQrCodeSignOptions
Represents the QR-Code signature options.
Public classQrCodeVerifyOptions
Keeps options to verify document QR-code signature.
Public classSaveOptions
Allows to specify additional options (such as password) when saving a document to sign.
Public classSearchOptions
Represents the extract signatures from document options.
Public classSignOptions
Represents the signature options.
Public classSpreadsheetSaveOptions
Save options for Spreadsheet Documents.
Public classStampSignOptions
Represents the Stamp signature options.
Public classTextSearchOptions
Represents search options for Text signatures.
Public classTextSignOptions
Represents the Text signature options.
Public classTextVerifyOptions
Keeps options to verify document Text signature.
Public classTiffSaveOptions
Tiff Save options for image documents.
Public classVerifyExtensions
Keeps additional verification options for alternative implementations of signature on a document page.
Public classVerifyOptions
Keeps options to verify document.
Public classWordProcessingSaveOptions
Save options for WordProcessing documents.
Public delegateCreatePageStream
Delegate that defines method to create output page preview stream.
Public delegateReleasePageStream
Delegate that defines method to release output page preview stream.
Public enumerationBitmapCompression
Specifies different bitmap compression methods.
Public enumerationJpegCompressionColorMode
Specifies JPEG color compression modes.
Public enumerationJpegCompressionMode
Specifies JPEG compression modes.
Public enumerationJpegRoundingMode
Specifies different JPEG rounding modes.
Public enumerationPngColorType
Represents the PNG image color type.
Public enumerationPngFilterType
Represents PNG image filter type.
Public enumerationPreviewOptionsPreviewFormats
Document preview supported formats
Public enumerationTiffFormat
Specifies different tiff formats.