ImageMetadataSignature Class
Contains Image Metadata signature properties.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace: GroupDocs.Signature.Domain
Assembly: GroupDocs.Signature (in GroupDocs.Signature.dll) Version: (22.4)
public sealed class ImageMetadataSignature : MetadataSignature

The ImageMetadataSignature type exposes the following members.

Public methodImageMetadataSignature
Creates Image Metadata Signature with Id and value
Public propertyCreatedOn
Get or set the signature creation date.
(Inherited from BaseSignature.)
Public propertyDataEncryption
Gets or sets implementation of IDataEncryption interface to encode and decode signature Value properties.
(Inherited from MetadataSignature.)
Public propertyDeleted
Get the flag that indicates if this signature was deleted from the document. This property is being used only for document history log records to keep the list of deleted signatures.
(Inherited from BaseSignature.)
Public propertyDescription
Read-only value to get description for standard Image Metadata signature
Public propertyHeight
Specifies height of signature.
(Inherited from BaseSignature.)
Public propertyId
The identifier of Image Metadata signature. See ImageMetadataSignatures class that contains standard Signature with predefined Id value.
Public propertyIsSignature
Get or set flag to indicate if this component is Signature or document content. This property is being used with Update method to set element as signature (true) or document element (false).
(Inherited from BaseSignature.)
Public propertyLeft
Specifies left position of signature.
(Inherited from BaseSignature.)
Public propertyModifiedOn
Get or set the signature modification date.
(Inherited from BaseSignature.)
Public propertyName
Specifies unique metadata name.
(Inherited from MetadataSignature.)
Public propertyPageNumber
Specifies the page signature was found on.
(Inherited from BaseSignature.)
Public propertySignatureId
Unique signature identifier to modify signature in the document over Update or Delete methods. This property will be set automatically after Sign or Search method being called. If this property was saved before it can be set manually to manipulate the signature.
(Inherited from BaseSignature.)
Public propertySignatureType
Specifies the type of signature.
(Inherited from BaseSignature.)
Public propertySize
Read-only value to get size of Metadata value
Public propertyTop
Specifies top position of signature.
(Inherited from BaseSignature.)
Public propertyValue
Specifies metadata object.
(Inherited from MetadataSignature.)
Public propertyWidth
Specifies width of signature.
(Inherited from BaseSignature.)
Public methodClone
Clone Metadata Signature instance.
(Overrides MetadataSignatureClone.)
Public methodClone(Object)
Clone Image Metadata Signature instance with given value.
(Overrides MetadataSignatureClone(Object).)
Public methodEquals
Overwrites Equals method to compare signature properties
(Overrides MetadataSignatureEquals(Object).)
Public methodGetDataT
Obtain object from Metadata Signature Value over deserialization.
(Inherited from MetadataSignature.)
Public methodGetDataT(IDataEncryption)
Obtain object from Metadata Signature Text over deserialization.
(Inherited from MetadataSignature.)
Public methodGetHashCode
Overrides GetHashCode method
(Overrides MetadataSignatureGetHashCode.)
Public methodGetType (Inherited from Object.)
Public methodToBoolean
Converts to boolean.
(Overrides MetadataSignatureToBoolean.)
Public methodToDateTime
Converts to DateTime.
(Overrides MetadataSignatureToDateTime.)
Public methodToDateTime(IFormatProvider)
Converts to DateTime.
(Overrides MetadataSignatureToDateTime(IFormatProvider).)
Public methodToDecimal
Converts to Decimal.
(Overrides MetadataSignatureToDecimal.)
Public methodToDecimal(IFormatProvider)
Converts to Decimal.
(Overrides MetadataSignatureToDecimal(IFormatProvider).)
Public methodToDouble
Converts to Double.
(Overrides MetadataSignatureToDouble.)
Public methodToDouble(IFormatProvider)
Converts to Double.
(Overrides MetadataSignatureToDouble(IFormatProvider).)
Public methodToInteger
Converts to integer.
(Overrides MetadataSignatureToInteger.)
Public methodToLong
Converts to long.
Public methodToSingle
Converts to float.
(Overrides MetadataSignatureToSingle.)
Public methodToSingle(IFormatProvider)
Converts to float.
(Overrides MetadataSignatureToSingle(IFormatProvider).)
Public methodToString
Converts to String with override ToString() method
(Overrides MetadataSignatureToString.)
Public methodToString(String)
Converts to String with specified format
(Overrides MetadataSignatureToString(String).)
Public methodToString(String, IFormatProvider)
Converts to String with specified format
(Overrides MetadataSignatureToString(String, IFormatProvider).)
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