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DashStyle Enumeration
Represents style of dash drawing lines on documents.

Namespace: GroupDocs.Signature.Domain
Assembly: GroupDocs.Signature (in GroupDocs.Signature.dll) Version: (22.4)
public enum DashStyle
  Member nameValueDescription
Solid0Represent a solid line.
ShortDash1Represent a short dash line.
ShortDot2Represent a short dot line.
ShortDashDot3Represent a short dash-dot line.
ShortDashDotDot4Represent a short dash-dot-dot line.
Dot5Represent a square dot style.
Dash6Represent a dash line style.
LongDash7Represent a long dash style.
DashDot8Dash short dash.
LongDashDot9Long dash short dash.
LongDashDotDot10Long dash short dash short dash.
RoundDot11Represents a round-dot line.
SquareDot12Represents a square-dot line.
DashDotDot13Represents a dash-dot-dot line.
DashLongDash14Represents a long dash-short dash line.
DashLongDashDot15Represents a long dash-short dash-dot line.
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