TextShadow Class
Represents text shadow properties for text signatures. The result may vary depending on the signature type and document format. TextShadow is recommended for using with TextAsImage signature for all supported document types, also with simple TextSignature and TextSignature as watermark for Spreadsheets (.xslx) and Presentations (.pptx). Simple TextSignature for Words (.docx) is recommended too, but has limited functionality.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace: GroupDocs.Signature.Domain.Extensions
Assembly: GroupDocs.Signature (in GroupDocs.Signature.dll) Version: (21.7)
public class TextShadow : SignatureExtension

The TextShadow type exposes the following members.

Public methodTextShadow
Creates TextShadow with default options.
Public propertyAngle
Gets or sets angle for placing shadow relative to the text. Default value is 0.
Public propertyBlur
Gets or sets blur of the shadow. Default value is 4.
Public propertyColor
Gets or sets color of the shadow. Default value is Black.
Public propertyDistance
Gets or sets distance from text to shadow. Default value is 1.
Public propertyTransparency
Gets or sets transparency of the shadow. Default value is 0.
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Gets a copy of this object.
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