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GroupDocs.Signature.Domain Namespace
The namespace provides classes for working with document representation.
Public classBackground
Represents background appearance
Public classBarcodeSignature
Contains Barcode Signature properties.
Public classBarcodeType
Specifies Barcode type properties.
Public classBarcodeTypes
Barcode Types container.
Public classBaseSignature
Describes base class for signatures.
Public classBorder
Represents border appearance
Public classCheckboxFormFieldSignature
Contains check-box input form field signature properties.
Public classComboboxFormFieldSignature
Contains combo-box input form field signature properties.
Public classCorners
Represents corners of a square graphical object.
Public classDeleteResult
Result of signature(s) deletion from the document.
Public classDigitalFormFieldSignature
Contains digital signature input form field properties for Pdf Documents.
Public classDigitalSignature
Contains Digital signature properties.
Public classDocumentInfo
Defines document description properties.
Public classFileType
Represents file type.
Public classFormFieldSignature
Contains Form field signature properties.
Public classImageMetadataSignature
Contains Image Metadata signature properties.
Public classImageSignature
Contains Image signature properties.
Public classMetadataSignature
Contains Metadata signature properties.
Public classMetadataSignatureCollection
Collection of Metadata signature objects.
Public classPadding
Represents padding or margin information associated with element.
Public classPageInfo
Document page description class
Public classPdfDigitalSignature
Contains Pdf Digital signature properties.
Public classPdfMetadataSignature
Contains Pdf Metadata signature properties.
Public classPdfMetadataSignatures
Contains standard Metadata signatures to be used for Pdf document Metadata Signature Options.
Public classPresentationMetadataSignature
Contains Presentation metadata signature properties.
Public classProcessLog
Represents document process details.
Public classQrCodeSignature
Contains QR-code signature properties.
Public classQrCodeType
Specify QRCode type properties.
Public classQrCodeTypes
QRCode Types container.
Public classRadioButtonFormFieldSignature
Contains radio-button input form field signature properties.
Public classSearchResult
Result of searching for signatures in specified document.
Public classSignatureFont
Creates instance of SignatureFont class to specify Font properties.
Public classSignResult
Result of signing process for document with newly created signatures.
Public classSpreadsheetMetadataSignature
Contains Spreadsheet Metadata Signature properties.
Public classSquareBorder
Instance to keep Border line properties for square stamp line.
Public classStampLine
Specify Stamp line properties.
Public classStampType
Specify stamp type properties.
Public classStampTypes
Stamp types container.
Public classTextFormFieldSignature
Contains text input form field signature properties for Pdf Document
Public classTextSignature
Contains Text signature properties.
Public classUpdateResult
Result of modification of signatures in the document.
Public classVerificationResult
Instance to keep results of verification process.
Public classWordProcessingMetadataSignature
Contains WordProcessing Metadata Signature properties.
Public structureTimeStamp
Represents data to get time stamp from third-party site.
Public interfaceIAlignment
Describes signature area alignment on a document page.
Public interfaceIDocumentInfo
Defines document description properties.
Public interfaceIRectangle
Defines interface properties for signature area on a document page.
Public interfaceIResult
Common interface for signature process result.
Public interfaceIRotation
Defines properties for signature rotation.
Public interfaceITextAlignment
Defines alignment properties for text on text signatures.
Public interfaceITransparency
Define Transparency property for different objects appearances
Public enumerationCodeTextAlignment
Alignment of code text for Barcodes and QR-codes.
Public enumerationDashStyle
Represents style of dash drawing lines on documents.
Public enumerationDocumentType
Defines the Document type.
Public enumerationFormFieldType
Specifies Form Field type.
Public enumerationFormTextFieldType
Defines types of text for WordsProcessing document form fields.
Public enumerationHorizontalAlignment
Specifies horizontal alignment of element on a document page.
Public enumerationImageSaveFileFormat
Defines different save file formats.
Public enumerationMeasureType
Specifies measure units of signature on a document page.
Public enumerationPdfDigitalSignatureType
Describes enumeration of PDF digital signature type.
Public enumerationPdfSaveFileFormat
Defines different save file formats.
Public enumerationPdfTextAnnotationBorderEffect
Describes effect which should be applied to the border of the PDF text annotations.
Public enumerationPdfTextStickerIcon
Describes enumeration of PDF Text annotation sticker icon appearance.
Public enumerationPdfTextStickerState
Describes enumeration of PDF text annotation sticker states.
Public enumerationPresentationSaveFileFormat
Defines different save file formats.
Public enumerationProcessStatus
Specifies status of signing and verification processes.
Public enumerationProcessType
Defines supported process with documents like Info, Preview, Sign, Verify, Search, Update, Delete
Public enumerationSignatureType
Defines supported types of signatures for various processes like Sign, Verify, Search, Update, Delete
Public enumerationSpreadsheetSaveFileFormat
Defines different save formats for Spreadsheet documents.
Public enumerationStampBackgroundCropType
Specifies crop type of background layer on Stamp elements.
Public enumerationStampTextRepeatType
Specifies type of text repeat for stamp lines.
Public enumerationStretchMode
Represents stretch mode of signature area on a document page.
Public enumerationTextHorizontalAlignment
Specifies text horizontal alignment inside a signature.
Public enumerationTextMatchType
Specifies text match type in string.
Public enumerationTextShapeType
Specifies types of text shapes.
Public enumerationTextSignatureImplementation
Specifies type of implementation for PDF text signature.
Public enumerationTextVerticalAlignment
Specifies text vertical alignment inside a signature.
Public enumerationVerticalAlignment
Specifies vertical alignment of element on a document page.
Public enumerationWordProcessingSaveFileFormat
Defines different save file formats for WordProcessing documents.
Public enumerationWordProcessingTextSignatureImplementation
Specifies type of text signature implementation for WordProcessing documents.
Public enumerationXAdESType
Type of XML Advanced Electronic Signature (XAdES).