Class TextSignature

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    public class TextSignature
    extends BaseSignature

    Contains Text signature properties.

    • Constructor Detail

      • TextSignature

        public TextSignature()
      • TextSignature

        public TextSignature(String signatureId)

        Initialize TextSignature object with signature identifier that was obtained after search process. This unique identifier is used to find additional properties for this signature from document signature information layer.

        signatureId - Unique signature identifier obtained by sign or search method.
    • Method Detail

      • deepClone

        public Object deepClone()

        Clone Text Signature instance.

        Specified by:
        deepClone in interface
        deepClone in class BaseSignature
        Returns cloned Text Signature instance.
      • equals

        public boolean equals(Object signature)

        Overwrites Equals method to compare signature properties

        equals in class BaseSignature
        signature - Signature object to compare with.
        Returns true if passed signature object has same type and all its properties are equal to this instance properties.
      • getNative

        public final boolean getNative()

        Specifies the native attribute. It is true if signature is document-specific.

      • getSignatureImplementation

        public final int getSignatureImplementation()

        Specifies text signature implementation.

      • getText

        public final String getText()

        Specifies text in signature.

      • hashCode

        public int hashCode()

        Overrides GetHashCode method

        hashCode in class BaseSignature
        Signature hash code
      • setNative

        public final void setNative(boolean value)

        Specifies the native attribute. It is true if signature is document-specific.

      • setText

        public final void setText(String value)

        Specifies text in signature.