FileIndexingEventArgs Properties

The FileIndexingEventArgs type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAdditionalFields
Gets or set the additional fields for the document.
Public propertyAttributes
Gets or set the attributes of the document.
Public propertyCustomExtractor
Gets or set the custom text extractor.
Public propertyDocument
Gets the document.
Public propertyDocumentFullPath
Gets the document full path.
Public propertyDocumentKey
Gets the document key.
Public propertyEncoding
Gets or sets the encoding of the document.
Public propertyIndexFolder
Gets the index folder.
(Inherited from BaseIndexEventArgs.)
Public propertyIndexId
Gets the index ID.
(Inherited from BaseIndexEventArgs.)
Public propertySkipIndexing
Gets or sets a value indicating that indexing of the document should be skipped.
Public propertyStatus
Gets the index status.
(Inherited from BaseIndexEventArgs.)
Public propertyTime
Gets the time of an event.
(Inherited from BaseIndexEventArgs.)
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