DictionaryRepository Class
Represents a repository of all dictionaries in an Index.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace: GroupDocs.Search.Dictionaries
Assembly: GroupDocs.Search (in GroupDocs.Search.dll) Version: 21.8.1
public class DictionaryRepository

The DictionaryRepository type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAliasDictionary
Gets a dictionary of aliases.
Public propertyAlphabet
Gets a dictionary of characters.
Public propertyCharacterReplacements
Gets a dictionary of character replacements.
Public propertyDocumentPasswords
Gets a dictionary of document passwords.
Public propertyHomophoneDictionary
Gets a dictionary of homophones.
Public propertySpellingCorrector
Gets a spelling corrector.
Public propertyStopWordDictionary
Gets a dictionary of stop words.
Public propertySynonymDictionary
Gets a dictionary of synonyms.
Public propertyWordFormsProvider
Gets or sets a word forms provider.
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