GroupDocs.Search.Dictionaries Namespace
The namespace provides classes of various dictionaries.
Public classAliasDictionary
Represents a dictionary of aliases.
Public classAliasReplacementPair
Represents an alias/replacement pair.
Public classAlphabet
Represents a dictionary of characters that is used during indexing to detect character type. Each character can be handled as separator, as letter, or both.
Public classCharacterReplacementDictionary
Represents a character replacement dictionary that is used during the indexing process. Character replacement can be used, for example, to remove accents from accented characters or to make case-insensitive index.
Public classCharacterReplacementPair
Represents a character/replacement pair.
Public classDictionaryBase
Represents the base class for a dictionary.
Public classDictionaryRepository
Represents a repository of all dictionaries in an Index.
Public classEnglishWordFormsProvider
Represents an English word forms provider.
Public classHomophoneDictionary
Represents a dictionary of heterographic homophones.
Public classPasswordDictionary
Represents a dictionary of document passwords.
Public classSpellingCorrector
Represents a spelling corrector for terms in a query.
Public classStopWordDictionary
Represents a dictionary of stop words.
Public classSynonymDictionary
Represents a dictionary of synonyms.
Public interfaceCode exampleIWordFormsProvider
Defines interface of a word forms provider.
Public enumerationCharacterType
Represents a type of a character, depending on how it should be indexed.