Class DateFormatCollection

    • Constructor Detail

      • DateFormatCollection

        protected DateFormatCollection(<DateFormat> list)
        Initializes a new instance of the DateFormatCollection class.
        list - The initial list of DateFormat objects.
    • Method Detail

      • addItem

        public final void addItem(DateFormat item)
        Adds an date format object to the collection.
        item - The date format object to add to the collection.
      • clear

        public final void clear()
        Removes all elements from the collection.
      • containsItem

        public final boolean containsItem(DateFormat item)
        Determines whether the collection contains a specific item.
        item - The item to locate in the collection.
        true if item is found in the collection; otherwise, false.
      • copyToTArray

        public final void copyToTArray(DateFormat[] array,
                                       int arrayIndex)
        Copies the elements of the collection to an Array, starting at a particular Array index.
        array - The one-dimensional Array that is the destination of the elements copied from the collection.
        arrayIndex - The zero-based index in array at which copying begins.
      • size

        public final int size()
        Gets the number of elements contained in the collection.
        The number of elements contained in the collection.
      • isReadOnly

        public final boolean isReadOnly()
        Gets a value indicating whether the collection is read-only.
        true if the collection is read-only; otherwise, false.
      • removeItem

        public final boolean removeItem(DateFormat item)
        Removes the first occurrence of a specific element from the collection.
        item - The item to remove from the collection.
        true if item was successfully removed from the collection; otherwise, false. This method also returns false if item is not found in the collection.
      • iterator

        public final Iterator<DateFormat> iterator()
        Returns an enumerator that iterates through the collection.
        Specified by:
        iterator in interface Iterable<DateFormat>
        An enumerator that can be used to iterate through the collection.