ContainerItemMetadata Property
Gets the collection of metadata items.

Namespace: GroupDocs.Parser.Data
Assembly: GroupDocs.Parser (in GroupDocs.Parser.dll) Version: 22.06.0
public IEnumerable<MetadataItem> Metadata { get; }

Property Value

Type: IEnumerableMetadataItem
A collection of MetadataItem objects; empty if metadata isn't set.

These metadata refer to a container element itself, not a document. Depending on the container type metadata can contain the following items:

Email Attachments

content-typeThe MIME type of the attachment content.

ZIP Archives

dateThe time and date at which the file indicated by the Zip Entry was last modified.

Outlook Storage

dateThe time and date at which the Outlook Storage item was last modified.
email-senderThe value of "sender" field.
email-toThe value of "to" field.
subjectThe value of "subject" field.
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