GroupDocs.Metadata.Formats.BusinessCard Namespace
The namespace contains classes intended to work with electronic business card formats.
Public classVCardAgentRecord
Represents vCard Agent record metadata class.
Public classVCardBasePackage
Represents the base VCard metadata class.
Public classVCardBinaryRecord
Represents vCard binary record metadata class.
Public classVCardCalendarRecordset
Represents a set of Calendar vCard records.
Public classCode exampleVCardCard
Represents a single card extracted from a VCard file.
Public classVCardCommunicationRecordset
Represents a set of Communication vCard records. These properties describe information about how to communicate with the object the vCard represents.
Public classVCardCustomRecord
Represents vCard custom record metadata class.
Public classVCardDateTimeRecord
Represents vCard date time record metadata class.
Public classVCardDeliveryAddressingRecordset
Represents a set of Delivery Addressing vCard records. These types are concerned with information related to the delivery addressing or label for the vCard object.
Public classVCardExplanatoryRecordset
Represents a set of Explanatory vCard records. These properties are concerned with additional explanations, such as that related to informational notes or revisions specific to the vCard.
Public classVCardGeneralRecordset
Represents a set of General vCard records.
Public classVCardGeographicalRecordset
Represents a set of Geographical vCard records. These properties are concerned with information associated with geographical positions or regions associated with the object the vCard represents.
Public classVCardIdentificationRecordset
Represents a set of Identification vCard records. These types are used to capture information associated with the identification and naming of the entity associated with the vCard.
Public classVCardOrganizationalRecordset
Represents a set of Organizational vCard records. These properties are concerned with information associated with characteristics of the organization or organizational units of the object that the vCard represents.
Public classVCardPackage
Represents VCF (Virtual Contact File) electronic business card format metadata.
Public classVCardRecord
Represents abstract vCard record metadata class.
Public classVCardRecordset
Provides a base vCard record union class.
Public classCode exampleVCardRootPackage
Represents the root package allowing working with metadata in a VCard file.
Public classVCardSecurityRecordset
Represents a set of Security vCard records. These properties are concerned with the security of communication pathways or access to the vCard.
Public classVCardTextRecord
Represents vCard text record metadata class.
Public enumerationVCardContentType
Defines vCard record content types.