Interface IPreviewOptions

    • Method Detail

      • getHeight

        int getHeight()

        Preview height.

      • getMode

        int getMode()

        Gets the mode for preview.

      • getPageStreamFactory

        PageStreamFactory getPageStreamFactory()

        Delegate that defines method to create output page preview stream.

      • getPathByPageNumber

        String getPathByPageNumber(int pageNumber,
                                   String extension)

        Gets the full file path of previewed document by page number with defined extension.

        pageNumber - Page number of preview.
        extension - Extension of file.
        The full file path.
      • getWidth

        int getWidth()

        Preview width.

      • setHeight

        void setHeight(int value)

        Preview height.

      • setWidth

        void setWidth(int value)

        Preview width.