GroupDocs.Editor Namespace
The GroupDocs.Editor namespace provides classes for editing documents using 3rd party front-end WYSIWYG editors without any additional applications.

The main classes in this namespace are:
  • Editor is the entry point for editing process.
  • EditableDocument represents editable document - editable HTML markup, CSS styles, images, fonts etc.
Public classEditableDocument
Intermediate document, that contains content before and after editing
Public classEditor
Main class, which encapsulates conversion methods. Editor class provides methods for loading, editing, and saving documents of all supportable formats. It is disposable, so use a 'using' directive or dispose its resources manually via 'Dispose()' method call. Document loading is performed through constructors. Document editing - through method 'Edit', and saving back to the resultant document after edit - through method 'Save'.
Public classEncryptedException
The exception that is thrown when user tries to open a document that was encrypted using the X509Certificates.
Public classIncorrectPasswordException
The exception that is thrown when specified password is incorrect.
Public classInvalidFormatException
The exception that is thrown when user tries to open some document with format-specific options that are incompatible with original document format.
Public classLicense
Provides methods to license the component. Learn more about licensing here.
Public classMetered
Provides methods for applying Metered license.
Public classPasswordRequiredException
The exception that is thrown when user tries to open a password-protected encrypted document of some format and doesn't provide a password for opening this document.
The central class of this namespace is Editor. This class incorporates a set of settings to control document editing process.