Class ResourceTypeDetector

  • public class ResourceTypeDetector
    extends Object

    Utility static methods for detecting resource types (formats)

    • Constructor Detail

      • ResourceTypeDetector

        public ResourceTypeDetector()
    • Method Detail

      • detectTypeFromFilename

        public static IResourceType detectTypeFromFilename(String filename)

        Detects a type from specified filename and returns an instance of respective IResourceType

        filename - Input filename, from which this method will try to extract the resultant IResourceType implementation
        IResourceType implementation on success or NULL on failure
      • tryDetectResource

        public static IHtmlResource tryDetectResource(InputStream inputResourceStream,
                                                      String name,
                                                      IResourceType assumptiveFormat)

        Tries to analyze an input stream and creates one of supportable HTML resources from it, taking into account a specified assumptive type, if it is not null

        inputResourceStream - Input stream, which presumably contains an HTML resource. If invalid, an exception will be thrown.
        name - Resource name, which will be used for created and returned resource on success. Cannot be NULL, empty or whitespace
        assumptiveFormat - Assumed format of the input HTML resource, which is useful for achieving the best performance. If completely unknown, use the NULL value. May be incorrect, this will only worsen the performance.
        Instance, which implements 'IHtmlResource' interface and represents one of supportable HTML resources on success, or NULL on failure
      • tryDetectResourceInternal

        public static IHtmlResource tryDetectResourceInternal( inputResourceStream,
                                                              String name,
                                                              IResourceType assumptiveFormat)