Class NsfLoadOptions

  • All Implemented Interfaces:<ValueObject>, com.groupdocs.conversion.contracts.IDocumentsContainerLoadOptions, Serializable

    public class NsfLoadOptions
    extends LoadOptions
    implements com.groupdocs.conversion.contracts.IDocumentsContainerLoadOptions
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    • Constructor Detail

      • NsfLoadOptions

        public NsfLoadOptions()
    • Method Detail

      • isConvertOwner

        public boolean isConvertOwner()
        Description copied from interface: com.groupdocs.conversion.contracts.IDocumentsContainerLoadOptions
        Gets option to control whether the documents container itself must be converted
        Specified by:
        isConvertOwner in interface com.groupdocs.conversion.contracts.IDocumentsContainerLoadOptions
        If this property is true the documents container will be the first converted document
      • isConvertOwned

        public boolean isConvertOwned()
        Option to control whether the owned documents in the documents container must be converted
        Specified by:
        isConvertOwned in interface com.groupdocs.conversion.contracts.IDocumentsContainerLoadOptions
        true if the owned documents in the documents container must be converted
      • getDepth

        public int getDepth()
        Description copied from interface: com.groupdocs.conversion.contracts.IDocumentsContainerLoadOptions
        Option to control how many levels in depth to perform conversion
        Specified by:
        getDepth in interface com.groupdocs.conversion.contracts.IDocumentsContainerLoadOptions
        depth levels count
      • setDepth

        public void setDepth(int depth)