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    The GroupDocs.Conversion.FileTypes namespace provides classes which represent supported file types.
    The GroupDocs.Conversion.Options.Load namespace provides classes to specify additional options for document loading process.
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      Fields in com.groupdocs.conversion.filetypes declared as CadFileType 
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      static CadFileType CadFileType.Cf2
      Common File Format File.
      static CadFileType CadFileType.Dgn
      DGN, Design, files are drawings created by and supported by CAD applications such as MicroStation and Intergraph Interactive Graphics Design System.
      static CadFileType CadFileType.Dwf
      Design Web Format (DWF) represents 2D/3D drawing in compressed format for viewing, reviewing or printing design files.
      static CadFileType CadFileType.Dwfx
      DWFX file is a 2D or 3D drawing created with Autodesk CAD software.
      static CadFileType CadFileType.Dwg
      DFiles with DWG extension represent proprietary binary files used for containing 2D and 3D design data.
      static CadFileType CadFileType.Dwt
      A DWT file is an AutoCAD drawing template file that is used as starter for creating drawings that can be saved as DWG files.
      static CadFileType CadFileType.Dxf
      DXF, Drawing Interchange Format, or Drawing Exchange Format, is a tagged data representation of AutoCAD drawing file.
      static CadFileType CadFileType.Ifc
      Files with IFC extension refer to Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) file format that establishes international standards to import and export building objects and their properties.
      static CadFileType CadFileType.Igs
      Igs document format
      static CadFileType CadFileType.Plt
      The PLT file format is a vector-based plotter file introduced by Autodesk, Inc.
      static CadFileType CadFileType.Stl
      STL, abbreviation for stereolithrography, is an interchangeable file format that represents 3-dimensional surface geometry.
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      Methods in com.groupdocs.conversion.options.load that return CadFileType 
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      CadFileType CadLoadOptions.getFormat()