AnnotationType Enumeration
Enumeration that decribes annotation types supported by GroupDocs.Annotation for .NET

Namespace: GroupDocs.Annotation.Options
Assembly: GroupDocs.Annotation (in GroupDocs.Annotation.dll) Version: (22.9)
public enum AnnotationType
  Member nameValueDescription
None0 Default value
Area2 The area annotation type that highlights rectangular area within the document page
Arrow4 The annotation type that draws an arrow on the document page
Distance8 The annotation type that measures distance between elements of a document page
Ellipse16 The annotation of elliptic form that marks parts of document content
Link32 The annotation type that represents a hyperlink to a remote resource
Point64 The point annotation type that sticks a comment to an any place within document page
Polyline128 The polyline annotation type that allows add drawing shapes and freehand lines to a document page
ResourcesRedaction256 The annotation type that hides textual content behind black rectangle
TextField512 The text field annotation type represents textual comment inside colored frame
TextHighlight1024 The annotation type that highlights and comments selected text
TextRedaction2048 The annotation type that fills part of selected text with black rectangle.
TextReplacement4096 The annotation type that replaces original text with other provided text fragment
TextStrikeout8192 The annotation type that marks text fragment with a strikethrough styling
TextUnderline16384 The annotation type that marks text with a underline styling
Watermark32768 The annotation type that adds textual watermark over document page
Image65536 The annotation type that adds image overlay over document page content
Dropdown131072 The component type that adds dropdown component for pdf document only
TextSquiggly9472 The annotation type that squiggly and comments selected text
SearchText9984 The annotation type that search fragment text in document
All2147483647 All
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