Class License

  • public class License
    extends Object

    Provides methods to license the component. Learn more about licensing here.

    • Constructor Detail

      • License

        public License()
    • Method Detail

      • isValidLicense

        public static boolean isValidLicense()

        Gets a value indicating whether this instance is valid license.

        Value: true if this instance is valid license; otherwise, false.
      • isValidMeteredLicense

        public static boolean isValidMeteredLicense()
      • setLicense

        public final void setLicense(InputStream licenseStream)

        Licenses the component.

        licenseStream - The license stream.
      • setLicense

        public final void setLicense(String licensePath)

        Licenses the component.

        licensePath - The license path.
      • setLicenseInternal

        public void setLicenseInternal( licenseStream)
      • setMeteredLicense

        public final void setMeteredLicense()